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Startup Together.

The Start is a 4-week online bootcamp for aspiring entrepreneurs who are serious about learning how to create and pitch a startup.

Fall session begins November 5th

"The best way to learn is to do."

— Paul Halmos

In 5 intense hours a week for 4 weeks, build and pitch a mock startup during The Start. Pick a new idea or bring your own idea to work on. After completing our bootcamp, you will gain the skills and mindset needed to make your ideas real and finally create your own startup.

Meet your Co-Founders

We pair you up with teammates who become your co-founders for the bootcamp. Create strong bonds, experience the startup highs and lows together, and start building.

Get Coaching & Structure

Each week, we send resources and milestones to hit. Get peer support from your other classmates and from a coach, an experienced entrepreneur, who will give your team feedback and advice.

Pitch to Investors!

At the end of week 4, you and your team will pitch your startup to a panel of judges who are experienced entrepreneurs and investors. You will get feedback on your presentation, insights, and execution.

Partnerships & Associations